September the 1st-Kult Studio celebrating 1 Year!

We are celebrating our first year here at Kult Studio, with good and very good things happening around. We gathered artists with different views and diverse artistic approaches/features and manage to put them together. We’ve been working,jamming or producing  artists like  Goran Bregovic, Manni Neumann(Phoenix), AG Weinberger , Smiley ,Junkyard,Lennox Buppy Brown and so many others,we launched a couple of singles playing on radio right now(Mara), made or produced soundtracks for movies (Web Site Story,Deaf Sounds), online shows(first season “Joy La 9 “) , videos, commercials.We produced and played  “Saka” with a new and fresh approach this year  and we created “Eko” (light eco  percussion and dance show)for Sala Palatului Bucharest (NDP).

Kult Studio is more than a audio recording studio, is a place for creating different forms of art, also a indy music label , event organiser and video production studio. We are very optimistic from the artistic perspective because of the multitude of  new fresh projects being in “the laboratory” right now, projects we’ve been workin at in the past several months(K.S.E,Picture Me, Deaf Sounds and more), projects you’re going to here about soon.

Don’t forget about the “Kult Studio Exclusive”  volume 1 we’ve just release, also Mara’s album is almost ready and we have a few more suprises we won’t tell you about  yet.:)

We would like to thank our collaborators : Dan Chisu, Bogdan Naumovici, Dragos Buliga, Augustin Pop, Cristina Barbu, Heineken Romania, Alin Galatescu, Cosmin Gherghinoiu, Bogdan Rusu, Dragos, Alex Mihut, Andrei Petrila, Judith State, Ioana Macarie, Sebsestyen Joo, Sergiu Stoiadin, Adrian Budritan, Gheorghe Andrei, Andreea Manea, Silviu Gheorghe, Mia, Domino Production, Ioana Sihota aka Jo, Alex Burcea, Doru Exop, Dakino,Live House, E-magic, Stream On,Mihai Marcu, Gabi Mihut  for a very  creative year!

Thank you all for support,this is just the begining!

The Kult Studio Team


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