Discografie Sensor

Lands-Distant Voices 2002(world music)

tracklist: 1.Prelude                                                    6.Green Steps

2.Voices of Malaysia                            7.Sierra

3.Voices of Africa                                 8.Meu Brasil

4.Mermaids                                    9.Confronto!

5.Fjord                                     10.Voices of Sensor

E-volution 2004 (electroacoustic)

tracklist: 1.Confronto Now!                     6.Your Way Out

2.Instant Performance            7.One

3.Help Yourself                         8.IT

4.7th Flower                              9.Help Yourself(pulse remix)

5.E-volution                               bonus (video) 5 Minute

Sensuous Moods 2008 (30 min mix for Jolidon 15th anniversarry,distributed across Europe)

Club Mix 2008(15 min promo tech-progrssv for clubs)

Best,Unreleased 2009 (10th year Anniversary album,including the best songs and unreleased material) available online now.

tracklist:                                                  1.Help Yourself               6.One                     11.La Dragoste Nu Se Poate

2.7th Flower Rmx          7.Fjord                   12.Lands RMX by Sasha

3.Zambetul Pierdut        8.Sierra                  13.Run

4.5 Minute                        9.Instant Performance vol2

5.Inferno                           10.Senuous Moods


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